Twitter RSS Feed Url changed, fix your widgets!

Written on:November 19, 2012
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Today we at Advertalis saw that our little widget to show our last tweets (in footer) it was broken… We were surprised because our Twitter account is still alive and growing (we checked it immediately, you know, better be sure).

So we looked at the RSS Feed url and discovered that it doesn’t work no more!

Look, this was our feed:

As you can see, there’s a standard structure and you can customize yours simply changing the ID at the end, in this way: (just replace YOUR-ID)

How to know your own ID? there are a few online tools to get it with one click starting from the username, try this one:

But today it didn’t work… this is actually the screenshoot of our feed’s old url:

Not so exciting, uh?

At that point we looked for an alternative url, it seemed impossible that Twitter closed the RSS Feeds at all!

In fact, we found that another way to retrieve the status updates in RSS format that is still valid and working, even easier that the first one because it doesn’t need no ID, you should only know the username!

The method is with the twitter API url, simply another url to copy, customize and past in your newsreader or widget configuration as the new source of tweets:

Look carefully at the end of the url:  just replace our name with your and you’ll get your tweets back, as we did:

So, just replace the old url with this working one, in this way:

Now our widget is working again, if you were already using the API url for Twitter RSS Feeds you should be fine, if not now you know how to fix it quickly!


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