Proud to push Albania at SEO Olympics

Written on:August 8, 2012
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Yes, our company is proud for the amazing results obtained by the TEAM ALBANIA at the SEO Olympics games organized by Link Assistant with its powerful SeoPowersuite.

Telling the truth, we at Advertalis are using another similar paid software since many years, but we are always looking for and evaluating what’s new on the market and this piece of seo software (or these 4 pieces, because it’s divided in stand-alone applications) is really interesting.

So we decided to participate and gently asked all our empolyees and friends to join the challenge and enter into the Albanian Team! :)

If you want to help Albania too, this is the link to register:

Today we are really really happy to show the unexpected results obtained by Albania, thinking that when we started the team was made of 4 with something like 20 total points…
and now we are over 100, the fastest growing team of the SEO Olympics and  #4 in the global ranking!

Thank you so much employees, collaborators, friends and unknown Albanian IT experts, seos or simply surfers that joined this competition helping Albania reaching the top!

Thanks to Link-assistant for organizing this nice game, a really good example of social marketing action that here at Advertalis are always appreciated.

And now… let’s do our best to reach the PODIUM, we day by day closer to that seo-dream! :D

To enter into the Albanian SEO Team, just follow this link and register:


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